The Versatile World of Anal Sex Toys

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No matter your relationship status, anal play is always on the table. Who says you have to wait for someone to shove a cock up your butt? You can do it yourself, thank you very much. That’s not to say that partnered anal play isn’t a fantastic experience, of course. 

So, all you need is a couple of top sex toys explicitly designed to reach the brave new world through your backdoor, and the games can begin (solo or in a pair).

Given the sheer volume of anal toys for men and women out there, we are constantly bombarded with various information. “Pick this vibrating anal toy for women, and discover the true meaning of sexual pleasure!” or “The only way to do anal is with hands-free spot stimulation!”, etc. 

For novices, this can be quite overwhelming. The world of anal sex sits before them like a huge, delicious, mouth-watering cake. All they have to do is bite in? But where to begin? 

It’s not like you can poll your friends and family and ask them which toys they use most often and why. Well, luckily, you don’t have to — we did. 

How Do I Even Choose?

Not only are there lots of types of anal toys out there, but they also have plenty of variants. Deciding between a bullet vibrator or a clitoral stimulation device that simulates oral sex is a piece of cake. But, when it comes to butt stuff, you might be a bit out of your depth, right? 

So, a butt plug or anal beads, which do you prefer? Anal beads? Great choice! Flexible or rigid? Silicone or steel? Oh, you changed your mind? Go for a butt plug then! Do you want the remote-controlled one, the one with a vibrating cock ring attached, or the one that’s also a prostate massager? Now before you choose, Self’s helpful tips in trying anal for the first time with your dom or sub is another great starting point of your anal play journey.

OK, you get the picture. When you face so many choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, here are the most common types of anal toys.

Double-Ended Dildos

When it comes to penetrative sex, double-ended anal dildos are the definition of the words “take a walk on the wild side.”

Not for the faint of heart, this sex toy allows both partners to enjoy a bit of anal penetration if they are so inclined. Of course, this isn’t something that we’d recommend for beginners. Learn to walk before you run and all that jazz. 

What Makes Them So Popular?

The sheer size and the fact that they allow double penetration makes them a fan-favorite for all veteran couples that are into anal play. What’s more, these toys allow for a lot of creative approaches to sexual pleasure, as they don’t necessarily have to be used on two people at the same time. Depending on the type, you can even attach them to a strap on and enjoy a hands-free experience.

Any Cons?

Double-ended dildos can be somewhat awkward to maneuver the first couple of times. It takes some practice to use them seamlessly.

Animal Tails

Whimsical and ideal for pet play, animal tail plugs are making a boom in the sex toy market right now. They are comfortable to wear and spend a lot of time in, and they are gorgeous in design. Depending on the type of animal you’d like to portray, you can find animal tail plugs easily or with a bit of difficulty. For example, colorful Fenix tails might take a while to find, while kittens and puppies won’t have any trouble finding their perfect anal toy accessory.

What Makes Them So Popular?

Because a lot of members of the BDSM community (and beyond) enjoys dabbling in pet play, accessories such as animal tail plugs are blowing up. Changing your appearance to fit your animal persona is a huge part of pet play. It makes the person feel more like the animal they are portraying. Not to mention, they look amazing and are quite comfortable to wear.

Any Cons?

Pets tend to wear their animal tails for a long time during pet play, and not all plugs are ideal for that.

Jeweled Butt Plugs

Jeweled butt plugs share a lot of features with regular butt plugs, but they are adorned with a jewel or any other kind of ornament at the base. The idea is to only see the gem when you place the plug in place and make your rosebud look even prettier.

What Makes Them So Popular?

Another sex toy where design and beauty take precedence over functionality, jeweled butt plugs are popular simply because of their elegance. The idea for the jeweled butt plugs came from the fact that both men and women love accessories. Combining the pleasure of anal penetration with the stunning finishing look, jeweled butt plugs are one of the top sex toys, anal or otherwise.

Any Cons?

Many jeweled butt plugs are made to look delicate and gentle. That can pose a problem with vigorous anal play, as the plug can snap or the jewel can get detached. But, you can easily bypass this con by buying a sturdier, more robust butt plug.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are the ideal toy for teasing the idea of anal penetration. Usually small in size and gentle, beads offer flexibility and pleasure at the same time. 

What Makes Them So Popular?

If you ever start the topic of exploring anal play with anyone, most people will tell you they started with anal beads. That is the perfect toy for beginners as it isn’t too intrusive, and it allows a lot of control. 

Because the beads increase in size (with the smallest one being the first to breach your bubble butt), novices can work their way up to stretching their anuses completely. What’s more, the beads are usually on a flexible wand, and there’s some breathing room between them, which allows the person using them to relax and rest a bit between pushing each bead in. 

Of course, anal beads come in various sizes, which means that even Size Queens can enjoy them. 

Any Cons?

Anal beads may look naive and simple, but they still require careful handling. If you tug them out quickly, you’ll experience a miserable ending to your anal play session. You might even hurt yourself severely. 

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Ideal for people who are ready to take the next step when it comes to anal penetration, inflatable butt plugs allow even the most gaping of holes to feel filled to the brim. A variation of the standard plug, an inflatable butt plug, gives you the option to expand its size once you insert it in your not-so-tight canal. 

What Makes Them So Popular?

Inflatable butt plugs are quite popular with people who are training and working their way up to fisting. Everyone who enjoys a proper plugging, but can’t find a plug big enough to feel the stretch, will enjoy an inflatable butt plug.

Any Cons?

While chasing that elusive feeling of fullness, you might overestimate your capabilities and inflate a butt plug too much. Inflatable butt plugs can lead to minor injuries and major discomfort in the hands of untrained anal play enthusiasts.

A Few Parting Words

If you’re still unsure which anal sex toy to choose, try a few out and make your decision. Chances are, you’ll probably like more than one. That will allow you to switch things up from time to time. No matter what you choose, as long as you’re safe and careful, you’ll enjoy the sensations the toys bring.