What Is Dollification, and Why Are Women Becoming Obsessed With It?

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We’re bringing you the best sex advice ever. The kind of advice that will bring your sex life to a whole other level. 

Dollification is something that might sound unusual, but you definitely have to try. Whether it’s with a partner or alone, this type of sex play will also allow you to feel the most intense orgasms ever. So, let’s find out all about it.

What Is Dollification?

This might be an entirely new term for you, but don’t worry — it’s much simpler than you think. Dollification is basically taking on the characteristics of a doll. Yes, that involves a lot of staying still and doing nothing. How can this spice up your sex life? We’re glad you’re asking. 

First of all, it can make your orgasms so much more intense. Another great thing about it is that you’re practicing mindfulness at the same time, as well as connecting to yourself. You can do it on your own or with a partner. Let’s get into it! 

Find a Toy

As dollification requires no movements, how are you going to please yourself with a toy? It’s simple. There are many sex toys out there that just latch onto your vagina and do all the work. Yup, you don’t have to do a single thing! 

In case you don’t want to splurge on a new toy, you can experiment with the ones you already have. This includes putting yourself in different positions that will allow your toy to work its magic. We recommend bullet vibrators as you can just wedge them between your legs and they’ll stay put. We’re assuming the same would work if you insert a vibrating dildo, but it will only work if you don’t care about the in-and-out movements.

Laying flat on your bed is probably best for those who are new to dollification. If you want more of a challenge, you can try sitting on a chair. 

Remain Still Like a Doll

This is probably the most difficult thing to master when it comes to dollification. We all know how our bodies can twitch and move involuntarily while we’re having sex. Controlling this takes a lot of practice. Also, it can make you feel vulnerable because some people need that movement to feel sexier. 

When you decide to try this doll fetish play, try mastering relaxation first. Since all of our muscles tend to tense up, you need to know how to completely relax them first. We bet some of your muscles are tense while you’re reading this as well. Feeling every muscle in your body can seem difficult, but meditation can help you with this. 

Once you feel like you’re ready and completely relaxed, you can take it one step further and add your toy of choice. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work on the first try. Practice makes perfect.

See these tips on how to be completely relaxed during sex.

Breathe Deep and Slowly

Did you ever notice that you’re holding your breath during climax or just sex in general? A lot of people do that unconsciously, and it’s not something you should be doing during dollification. Why? It won’t help your muscles relax at all. If anything, it will make them tense up even more. So, here are some tips for slow and steady breathing:

  • Don’t rush each breath you take and take your time with it
  • Exhale thoroughly before taking a new breath
  • Breathe from your abdomen to reduce the amount of work your body is doing
  • Make sure your breaths are equal
  • Focus on each breath you take

We know this sounds like a drag, but it will help you tremendously with dollification and relaxation. If you feel like you simply cannot do it, put on some relaxing music or try a guided meditation. No aid is off-limits. Once you feel like you have a good grip on it, try it on your own.  

Enjoy a Relaxed Orgasm

You’ll notice that this type of orgasm is much more intense than your regular ones. Why? We really don’t notice how much we clench during sex. When you’re relaxed, you feel things in a whole different way than before. 

Usually, you would moan, hold your breath, let your body twitch, and your muscles spasm however they want. All of this is not allowing you to feel what’s going on in your genital area. You feel a lot down there, too, and if you thought your orgasms were intense before, wait until you’ve tried this. 

Since you’re relaxed and mindful of everything that’s going on, you’ll notice every release of energy you’ll have through your genitals. So, all you need to do is what you’re already doing — sit back, relax, and enjoy the best orgasm you’ve ever had.  

Why Relaxed Orgasms Feel So Much Better

As we know by now, clenching during sex is something we all do. That’s not something many of us can control. It just happens. You feel a twitch coming, and you have to let it happen. What’s the point of holding it back anyway? Sex itself should be expressive, so you let yourself moan up a storm, hold your breath, curl your toes — anything that will show your partner how much you’re enjoying what’s going on in that moment in time. 

All of those things prevent you from feeling your actual orgasm. Orgasms are a release of pent up energy, but we aren’t really releasing them properly. You should release them from your genitals, not anything but genitals. 

When you relax and practice mindfulness, you’ll be able to notice everything that’s happening and the things your body is feeling. Yes, you’ll be able to pinpoint it. So, with that in mind, it’s only natural to assume that relaxed orgasms feel so much more intense than regular ones. 


Dollification might sound like not your cup of tea, but why not give it a try? Follow our sex tips to achieve the full effect. What does that mean? It means you’ll be able to feel an orgasm like never before. 

We trust that once you try this out, you’ll never go back to how things used to be.