The Girlfriend Experience Fantasy

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The 21st century has brought us many marvelous inventions like 3D printing, e-cigarettes, and augmented reality. All those inventions often outshine some other great things the 21st century has brought us, for example, the girlfriend experience. Yes, you can hire a girl to pretend to be your girlfriend for a while. What does this mean, and how does it work? Let’s explore this concept in detail.

What Is a Girlfriend Experience?

They say that prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, but just like any other industry, it evolves too. In the old days, if you decided to enjoy a little something on the side, or you just couldn’t get a girlfriend, you would go to the well-known part of the city and find some girl who’s “turning tricks’” that night and have a good one for a couple of hundred dollars.

Today, everything’s about presentation, so now, we don’t just have regular prostitutes and escort service — we have girls who offer the girlfriend experience. Basically, this means you’ll have the regular experience of someone having sex with you for money, but with a twist — and what a twist that is! Aside from expected intercourse, the girl, who you’ll be paying around 500 dollars an hour, will talk with you for as long as you need, be your shoulder to cry on, or just do the things none of those past girlfriends wanted to do (and yes, because they thought you were a pervert!).

So what is the main difference between a good old sex worker and a girl who you pay to be your girlfriend? The biggest and most important difference is that sex is not mandatory, and you are supposed to build some kind of relationship before you get to that part.

Are There Any Rules?

Finding the right person for you is just a couple of clicks away. The girls who offer this kind of service often work as freelancers, or they are a part of a larger organization. Whatever the case is, the internet is there to help! Of course, you should do a little research before making your decision. The girl you have chosen wisely is going to pretend to be your girlfriend, so you two will need to have something in common. That should be the first and most important rule.

Secondly, whatever you choose to do during your “experience” should happen at some nice place, like a hotel, or even better — you could start at a restaurant or a cafe and then move to a more private area, just like you would do with your real girlfriend. The gentleman caller chooses the place, so pick a place that you like, but be careful not to go somewhere everybody knows you (that is, if this concerns you).

The whole thing revolves around yours and her mutual effort to build a relationship that is about more than just sex, not purely for legal reasons but also for the nourishment of your troubled soul. Be sure to keep in mind that personal hygiene is an important part of it as you could get rejected for being too sloppy. Yeah, you guessed it — it’s just like with a real girlfriend. So if you want to nourish your soul, be prepared to have a shower and shave at least.

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Who Is Most Likely to Request a Girlfriend Experience?

As you might imagine, this kind of experience isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Most customers are single and just looking to relieve everyday stress and tension. There are, of course, those who are not so happily married, and they usually try to become regulars as the experience becomes more real with texting, sexting, or just saying that you are thinking of her. The point here is to try to take the relationship to another level, the one that resembles reality the most.

So the typical client for the girlfriend experience is someone interested in getting “the best bang for their buck,” incorporating everything money can buy — looks, brains, and affection. The more time you spend with anybody, the more drinks you have, the more hours you talk — the more you open up.

A Typical Day for Girlfriend Experience

For girls in the girlfriend experience business, the largest part of the day is reserved for their potential long-term boyfriends, or, to be honest, for the people trying to become their regulars. The rest is spent on the looks, clothes, and maintaining that cute and innocent but sexy look we all know and love so much. There’s a lot of communication and arrangements with the potential client, so the whole thing has a more personalized feel.

Here comes the second biggest difference from prostitution — a prostitute would only be interested in giving you sex for money, while your “girlfriend” is there for sex and everything else you might need. That’s why they need to put a lot of effort in — from meticulous screening processes to spending more time with each individual client.

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In the end, when you think about it, this kind of dating is pretty straightforward and logical but lacks the most important thing that makes life both good and bad, and that’s randomness and chance. They say that what was bought in a hurry may soon be regretted, so don’t jump to quick decisions if you are not sure that this kind of postmodern relationship is something that suits you and your troubled soul.