5 reasons to add anal to your sex menu

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If your bedroom fun is fading out, it’s time to take things to the next level. There is no need to look into new positions or toys to try. All you need to do is dive deep down into the world of anal sex.

1. No one gets pregnant with anal sex

It’s more than obvious why this is our number one reason to indulge in anal. Many people have a fear of pregnancy, and it’s not just women. Having children is a serious commitment, and not everyone is ready for it. Plus, pregnancies can happen even if you’re doing all you can to have safe sex. 

To avoid going through nine months of hell or having an abortion, have anal sex instead. There are absolutely no risks of pregnancy, and it’s a way to spice up your otherwise repetitive routine. Still, you can’t simply jump into having anal. This kind of pleasure requires some serious preparation that you cannot skip. 

A lot of people worry about pain or potential messiness. However, trust us when we say that anal can go much smoother than regular penetrative sex — only if you do it right. 

2. Anal orgasms are out of this world

So, you’ve heard of anal orgasms, but they’re nothing more than a myth to you. What if we told you that you too could experience them? Not only that, but you’ll probably never be able to go back to regular orgasms ever again. How are anal orgasms possible, though? We’re glad you’ve asked! 

It’s all about nerve endings, but it’s a little bit different depending on your sex. For women, these nerves are found on the anterior wall of the rectum and are connected to the vagina. That’s why stimulating them feels similar to vaginal stimulation. On the other hand, this is where you can find men’s G-spot. We’re serious! Sadly, not very many men know this, and the stigma surrounding anal isn’t helping them make up their minds. 

Since nerve stimulation leads to mind-blowing orgasms, we’re sure you can put two and two together. The good thing here is that you can, for example, stimulate your anus and your vagina at the same time. We can only imagine what that would feel like. There’s only one way to find out. 

3. It’s a chance to try out some new toys

There are many things you can do with this newfound pleasure hole. Now that we know it can bring you mind-blowing orgasms, let’s talk about the sex toys you can use. There are so many toys you should know about, but let’s start from the very basics — butt plugs. 

Butt plugs are probably one of the most versatile sex toys there are. Well, at least when it comes to all things anal. Sure, you can use it for masturbation, but you can also simply leave it there for extra pleasure or stimulation during other activities. What we mean is that you can leave it on during sex or wear it while you’re walking your dog. The choice is entirely yours. 

Other than butt plugs, there are anal beads and many other things for you to introduce to your collection of dildos. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try sneaking a dildo up there as well. However, you’ll need some serious anal training to be able to do this. Don’t ever skip it and think you can just shove things up there if you relax or use enough lube. It’s best to play it safe and avoid all possible injuries. You can also try expanding butt plugs which are also great for beginners.

4. It’s a chance to experiment with something new

Even though anal sex might be too scary and taboo for many, it’s a great way to spice up your sex life. That isn’t to say that your sex life is boring. However, keeping things interesting in the bedroom is the key to a long-lasting relationship (along with other things). With that said, if you’re unsure about what to try next, anal is always an option. 

Why are we so confident that this will change your bedroom game? Simply because you cannot keep changing positions forever. Certain toys get boring and repetitive after a while too. So, to dive deeper into the world of kinkier sex, trying anal is definitely the way to go. 

Switching to this kind of sex can also bring partners closer together. That’s because you’ll have to have a long talk about what anal sex entails. Discuss some safe words. Set some boundaries. Once you go over all the possible terms and conditions, you’ll be ready to start a sex journey that will provide orgasms you’ve never experienced before.

5. You can get super intimate with anal sex

As previously mentioned, having anal sex can bring you to a whole new level of intimacy. Not only because you have to have some deep sex conversations, but because of the things you might have to do. We all know that anal can get a bit messy at times. You’ll have to admit that going through something like that together definitely brings partners closer together. 

That’s not the only way anal can help bring you closer. Since this way of having sex is extremely hot, it will help rekindle any flame that was once put out. In case your partner is down to try something as adventurous as this, you’ll be in for a world of fun. 


Having a boring life is going to be a thing of the past once you start trying new things. Something that will usher you into a new world of sex is most definitely anal. Approach it with patience, and the rewards will be great.