Why Are Men Hot for Their Teachers?

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This question is the same as the question of why is the sky blue? Well, the sky is blue because of a chemical reaction. Men are attracted to their teachers for similar reasons — because the funky chemicals in our brain go wild and tell us to be, i.e., because we are almost always horny, and anything can be hot and sexy to us.

Female Teachers Are Part of Men’s Lives

Quite a few fetishes and fantasies start during our childhood, mostly during puberty. That’s when hormones kick in, and we begin to explore our sexuality, and with it, fetishes. As we get older, things that used to interest us once may not get us off anymore. Nevertheless, one thing that leaves quite an impression on a young mind is a hot teacher.

More than 75 percent of teachers in schools are females. Although not all of them are attractive, there are always a few that stand out, and those are the ones who spark that thing in young boys. Considering how much time we spend in schools during our puberty, it’s no wonder that we run into some quite attractive teachers. Research shows that teachers spend up to 1,000 hours in classrooms a year. We’d say that’s enough time for them to (not intentionally, of course) leave quite an impression and for us to develop some sort of an attraction or even a fetish.

Teachers give us attention, and when we are young, that is the most important thing we seek. They are an important part of our lives, and them telling us what to do just makes us want to please them. All of this can play out quite differently when we’re adults. We wouldn’t blame teachers for this growing into a fetish — there is just so much more to it. The fact that sleeping with a teacher is taboo is another reason why this is just so damn hot.

Men Naturally Sexualize Most Things

Men don’t only sexualize teachers — we can put “sexy” in front of any profession, be it a sexy doctor or a sexy librarian; heck, even a plumber can be sexy if you really try to make it out to be. However, a sexy teacher is a staple.

Oh, man! Teachers are hot! And it’s not only about the teacher outfit but the whole fantasy surrounding it. Now, imagine being in high school or college, staying up late to do some extra work, and then your smoking hot teacher comes in. This whole hot teacher fantasy mostly revolves around professors being authority figures, about someone who is out of reach for you, who you shouldn’t touch, let alone have sex with. Their job requires them to give you attention, but at the same time, to show dominance, which can awaken a kink in some people. Let’s be real — who wasn’t hot for their teacher, a teacher who’d sometimes, especially in summer, come to school wearing a hot short skirt. It just gets you worked up.

From my experience, there are a couple of types of teachers — those who dress to impress and those who dress for- work. The dress-to-impress type likes to wear all kinds of exotic outfits, like a pinup girl, casual-chic style, or something a bit more extravagant, like a rocker outfit. To be honest, we don’t think anyone minds that. Others are more modest with the clothes they wear and go with business casual or formal office wear types of outfits, which can be quite hot too.

Seductive Teacher Role-Play Sex

So maybe having sex with your teacher might not be accessible to you or even a good idea, but say you really want to explore your fantasy about banging your hot teacher. Well, you can try that with a bit of role-play sex with your partner. Of course, they have to be into it, but since it’s not some kind of a hardcore fetish, we don’t think they’ll mind.

Now, all you need is a willing participant, i.e., a girlfriend, or you can always hire someone for the role of your girlfriend who will then role-play as a teacher. The role-play-ception if you will. And bam! Your fantasy is now a reality.

If you are not into the whole role-playing idea or you don’t have anyone to try it with, there is always the internet. There are many websites that host all kinds of videos that can fulfill your needs.

It’s interesting that men are not the only ones looking for this kind of content. According to the analytics of the porn site RedTube, women search for this kind of content more than men by a margin of 17 percent. On the other side, men tend to be more specific about the content they are looking for with searches such as “Japanese teacher” or “milf teacher.” What’s interesting to note is that, according to Pornhub, the search for teacher porn spikes up during the fall when schools and universities start.

The demographic that searches most for teacher porn are millennials, more than any other demographic. As a matter of fact, RedTube statistics tell us that men aged between 18 to 24 are more likely to search for porn starring a hot teacher, but that doesn’t mean older guys don’t look for this kind of content too.


So what we learned today is that men like learning, especially if it’s facilitated by a smoking hot teacher. We’ve also learned there are many ways we can explore this fantastic fantasy, be it with porn or some kinky role-play. Have fun, you guys!