Tips on Finding Your Man’s G-Spot

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The G-spot is almost like an urban legend if you ask the average Joe. It might as well be the Bigfoot given how few people know where to find it. 

Where is it? Who knows! Well, keep reading, and you’ll be one of the few that will be able to fuel the sexual desires of their partner with careful stimulation of the elusive G-spot!

What Is a G-Spot Anyway?

Most men know about the G-spot because they keep hearing how they can’t find it, and thus, can’t induce a full-body, earth-shattering orgasm that will leave their ladies forever in their debt. So when you keep hearing about how you suck at something (and not the good kind of sucking either), you’re more inclined to think that maybe it’s not you — it’s them!

Sorry to disappoint you, kid; it’s you. But don’t dwell on it. Finding the G-spot in women isn’t as easy as finding it in men. So, gay boys, you’re in luck, as you’ll only need a few pointers, and you’ll find the male G-spot in no time. No one will be able to accuse you of sucking (unless they are giving you accolades about your cock-sucking techniques, right?).


Female vs. Male G-Spot

If you’re tired of hearing this buzzword, we have you covered. Here’s a secret — a man’s G-spot is actually a P-spot. The P stands for prostate, and, as you know, that’s not that difficult to find. We all know what a prostate is. It’s a small gland that’s part of the reproductive system that has precise functions (like secretion of seminal fluid). 

So this gland has a job. It’s not just there for your amusement and pleasure (although it can lead to a wrecking prostate orgasm). No, it’s a career gland, with a job that we can quickly identify. 

In comparison, what does the female G-spot do? Well, we’re not sure. Some say it’s an extension of the clitoris and can produce intense orgasms. Others claim that the female G-spot is the secret to multiple orgasms. Then again, some think it’s a hoax. 

Although, some also claim the same for male orgasms that occur thanks to the prostate gland. There are men out there who don’t enjoy prostate stimulation and prefer penile orgasms. 

G-Spot vs. P-Spot Stimulation

Women who have experienced G-spot induced orgasms rage about them to anyone who will listen — and with good reason. Apparently, the orgasms can be so intense that the lucky ladies convulse for quite a while after the waves of pleasure hit them. What’s more, the G-spot (which is located inside of the vagina, by the way), can have magic-like properties, as direct stimulation of both the G-spot and the clitoris can even cause female ejaculation. 

To find the female G-spot and stimulate it, you have to go deep into the vagina and feel for the sneaky little bastard on the inner wall of the vagina. Direct stimulation can have a whole array of effects. Depending on your partner, she’ll either adore you or tell you to move on to better things (like the clitoris).

There’s nothing straightforward about finding the female G-spot. But the good news is, men usually have plenty of opportunities to try given that they can accidentally find it while fingering their female partners. The situation is somewhat different for the male G-spot.

How to Reach the Prostate Gland

Both G-spot and P-spot can be identified by their texture, given that they are a sponge-like intruder on an otherwise smooth surface. 

The prostate is located in the anal canal, which isn’t the busiest part of human anatomy, you know? You can’t really stumble upon it; you have to look for it. Luckily, once you begin your search, the prostate is easy to identify. It’s a little bulb of sponge-like texture located 1.5–2 inches (knuckle deep, how convenient) inside of the rectum. 

You’ll know you’ve hit it once there’s a jolt of pleasure or a strange sensation that feels overwhelming. Alternatively, you can also stimulate your man’s P-spot from the outside (lucky bastards!). By applying pressure to the perineum (also known as “taint” on the street), you can stimulate the prostate without any penetration. It doesn’t have the same effect as direct stimulation, but it still feels good. This article from Health24 also illustrates where to find it.

P-Spot Stimulation Techniques

Achieving orgasm and ejaculation through anal play (more specifically, prostate play) is easy once you locate the prostate. Both internal and external prostate stimulation will bring sexual pleasure to your man, but what you choose to stimulate it with is really the dealer’s choice.

Finger Bang Prostate Massage

Of course, you can use your fingers to apply pressure to the gland. There are a few ways to do it. In other words, even though you’re going old school and using fingers doesn’t mean you have to keep it drab and boring.

So, for example, you try the famous “come hither” motion on the prostate. Curling your finger toward the belly button and hitting the prostate on every turn will slowly but surely culminate in orgasm. It’s essential to be consistent with repetition and pressure.

Sex Toys for the Win

If you’re not a fan of this technique, you can also circle the prostate slowly (or fast) to tease an orgasm out of your man. Other exciting methods include the repetitive pressing on the gland and around it, to increase both the blood pressure and blood flow to the area, and moving your hand swiftly so that your fingers create a vibrating feeling.

Of course, that can get tiresome, especially if your man takes a while to orgasm. To avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, try using a sex toy instead. Prostate massagers, especially vibrating ones, can provide consistent and repetitive pressure that will culminate in a roaring orgasm.

A Few Parting Words

Stimulating the P-spot, massaging it, and, ultimately, mastering the prostate orgasm is a matter of practice. It requires open communication between both partners and a level of trust that deepens the intimate connection that’s naturally created during sex. As long as you’re both careful and willing, prostate play can be one hell of a ride!