Tips on Finding your Man’s G-Spot in Prostate Massage

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The prostate massage can be done directly or indirectly. It is sexually stimulating and healthy. No matter if you do it yourself or your partner or partner does it – a prostate massage is a very stimulating affair. Not for nothing the prostate is also sometimes called the G-spot of the man. Here we explain the basics in prostate massage. Here you will learn how this intimate massage works, where the prostate actually lies and what should be considered in the prostate stimulation everything. But can you orgasm from prostate stimulation?

The prostate – what is it?

The prostate gland, also called prostate gland , is a sex gland in men who produces some of the semen . Therefore, it is obvious that stimulation of this gland also leads to sexual arousal. The prostate is about the size of a walnut and is located below the bladder. Its rear end is directly adjacent to the rectum, which is why it can be relatively easily palpated from the outside over the rectum. That sounds all medically sterile and maybe a little strange, but a prostate massage is anything but sterile, but damn exciting. And if you pay attention to hygiene, it is not unpleasant either.

Massaging the prostate – but how?

The ideal tool for stimulating the prostate is simply a finger. Although there are also special items that can achieve the same goal, but they are not essential. Let’s say it very clearly: The finger must be clean in the buttocks, i.e. in the anus. For many heterosexual men, anal penetration is a horror. You can only say to them: Just let it happen! It takes some getting used to, but it does not hurt. You can try it on yourself or let your partner or your partner.

Prostate simulation with aids

If you want, you can also grab a prostate stimulator, an anal vibrator. This sex toy for men is introduced into the anus, in part, at the same time in addition to the prostate gland and penis stimulated. In addition, you can also grab a so-called anal dildo. He can serve well in the prostate massage. Generally, the aid should be up to 12 cm in length and no thicker than 3.5 cm. Always mind the prostate stimulation: use lubrication gel.

Prostate simulation: safety tips

During the prostate massage, you should both feel good and have fun. However, so there are no nasty surprises, you should pay a lot of attention. No matter how it should be done, it is important to take three points into account:

  • Lubricant for prostate stimulation
  • For prostate stimulation a lubricant should be used. (Just click to enlarge)

The bowel should be rinsed and clean his because it is teeming with intestinal bacteria. It is advisable to buy an anal douche that is already available for a small amount of money. Lukewarm water is enough. Under no circumstances should the water be too hot, as it could cause burns that are unfortunately not even felt. Also clean the area around the anus with soap and water. The hands should of course be clean. Of course you should also clean your hands after the prostate stimulation.

It is essential to use a lubricant. It helps enormously to insert the finger in the anus and prevents cracks in the anus. Pay attention to short fingernails! Long, possibly even sharp fingernails can act like a knife and thus lead to significant injuries of the intestine. Who else dislikes the idea of ??sticking the bare finger in the buttocks of another, can use a commercially available rubber glove, which should be cleaned well with soap and water, even if it is brand new. Alternatively, you can of course also resort to the condom. If your partner has a prostatitis, i.e. a prostate infection, should be dispensed with the prostate stimulation. Too much pressure or too much friction can lead to injuries. In addition, the intestinal wall can be damaged if stimulated with too much force or a sharp fingernail.

Where is the prostate?

Especially with homosexual couples, the prostate massage is popular. The man’s prostate behaves in a similar way to the woman’s G-spot – you just have to find both. In my experience, however, you can feel the prostate much easier. It is located about five to eight inches from the anus directly on the wall of the intestine in the direction of the stomach. The prostate feels like a small, solid ball. So if you can feel such a small ball, you are just right and are at the finish. Health24 also illustrate where to find it.

Preparations for prostate stimulation

First of all, it means: empty the bowel and bladder. Then everything should be cleaned first, as described above. If you want to massage the prostate, you should not start directly with your finger. First, the anus must be prepared for the procedure. This helps you both to a better experience and it does not come to unsightly injuries.

Take the lubricant to the hand and massage with it the rosette of your partner – first only from the outside. While massaging, you can always penetrate further. The sphincter will gradually expand because it relaxes. If you encounter resistance, you can just continue to measure and stroke. So you can gradually overcome all barriers and reach the target, the prostate.

Correct position for prostate stimulation

The man can lie on his back or on his stomach. So far everything was just a prelude. Now it’s time for the actual massage. When the man is lying on his back in front of you, it is best to turn your hand palm upwards. Use your index finger to massage the prostate. If the man lies on his stomach, the palm should point downwards.

This is how the prostate massage works

Once you have found the prostate, you simply start gently massaging it with your finger in a steady rhythm. How much pressure is needed is enormously different from man to man. What they all have in common is that they initially feel as if they need to go to the bathroom. Do not panic, this feeling settles quickly! You can make circular movements or push and release again and again.

By the way, it takes a bit to actually get an effect. How long, in turn, depends on the man in question. As an erogenous zone, it only becomes active when there is a particularly strong arousal. So bring some patience and keep calm! Then everyone comes to the orgasm via the prostate.