Beginners’ Guide: Choosing The Right Anal Toy

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The big advantage of anal toys is that they can be used in both men and women. In the man the p-spot (the prostate) can be stimulated with an anal toy. This leads to very intense orgasms for men. Women also often experience anal stimulation as particularly nice. As mentioned, there are different types of anal toys. Where one enjoys dildos, also known as butt plugs, the other prefers anal beads, an anal balloon, an anal shower or an animal-tail designed butt plug. In the discussion of anal beads vs butt plugs, what is better, the right choice depends on which anal toy best suits you and your lifestyle. Letstalksex ranked sex toys from novice to expert.

The tips for anal sex

Anal sex can be a very pleasant experience, if you just work cautiously. The most important thing is that especially beginners must have some patience and that there is some preparation involved. But we are assured that the tips below will make your anal experience a great experience:

Anal lubricant is an absolute must in anal sex, because when it is dry, the sensitive tissue is damaged. Start with a small size anal toy. Have patience and do not rush anything, respect the limits of your partner. Only use toys that are intended for anal sex. Anal toys always have a border at the bottom. This edge prevents the toy from sliding all the way inside.

Order Discreetly and Securely Online

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Anal sex is also called ‘dark smile’ by enthusiasts. This form of sexual satisfaction has long hung in the taboo. It was counted for years to the exclusivity of the gay couples. Now, heterosexual and lesbian couples have also come to know the pleasure of anal sex.

There are different sex toys to do anal sex, buy here if you should. The most famous anal sex toys are butt plugs and anal balls. If you have never used anal sex toys, you should start with anal balls. They are small, cheaper and seem slightly less extreme. Anal balls are better known as pleasure beads, beads or anal beads. You bring them into the anus by ball and move them up and down. When you approach your peak, you pull them out in one go. A divine discharge!

Before you insert anal balls, you should check the quality of the sex toy. The cord between the beads must be strong enough. The balls should have a smooth surface. When you discover unevenness, you can update it with a file. Always use lubricant! This seems obvious, but often people forget to use lubricant in all excitement. This can cause the anus to feel very painful.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are beads that you insert anally. Often this anal sex toy can be used with an easy handle, allowing you to move the anal beads back and forth. Anal beads are the sex toy par excellence for anal sex lovers. Make sure to use for good anal hygiene. In addition, lubricant may be required to ensure smooth penetration. You can buy anal beads in an online sex shop or local sex shop.

Anal sex, you like anal sex or you do not like it. It can be experienced as inconvenient as a woman or man if the partner wants to have anal sex. The woman often has reservations about this. At you can read and discover the sex tips for anal sex. First of all, it is important to communicate clearly with each other and indicate what you want and discuss this.

Anal sex tips:

  • Introduce anal sex with tact. Do not immediately put your penis or finger into your partner’s anus without warning.
  • Do not switch between anal sex and vaginal sex. Bacteria are very important in this. Wash the penis well after anal sex before having vaginal sex again. This also applies to changing condoms.
  • Make sure you are relaxed and do not work in a rush, this certainly does not benefit your anal experience.
  • Make sure the anus is clean, was your anus for sex. Optionally, you can also use an intimate shower.
  • Use lubricant during anal sex. This makes penetration a lot smoother.

Provide a gentle structure, play together first and start quietly during anal sex. Use anal sex toys. These anal toys like anal balloon, butt plug, anal dildo, anal vibrator and anal beads can give you the ultimate anal experience.

Anal sex tips in practice

Anal sex can be exciting especially if you have anal sex for the first time. Hopefully help the above tips for anal sex! An anal bead is meant for both men and women. She stimulates the anus like a finger would. You can move them in and out or let them sit during sex. Because you have several beads that you can gently withdraw at the moment of orgasm, you experience this as more powerful and longer lasting. You choose, of course, how many beads you put in. These beads are small and soft, so they are perfect for anal virgins and people who want to prepare for anal sex.

Why an inflatable dildo?


Before you decide to buy an inflatable dildo you first need to know why you should purchase this toy. What can you do with it and where is it suitable for. You can use the toy in different ways.

  1. Starters

Use the toy if you are still a beginner in the field of sex toys and explore your limits. Slowly insert the dildo with some lubricant and start pumping. After each pump movement, the artificial penis is becoming thicker and longer. See when you experience a pleasant feeling and also when you experience discomfort. You can try to go one step further and prepare yourself for the real work. Most inflatable dildos are at least as thick as a real penis when they are fully inflated. If you experience too many discomforts you can use a vent valve to quickly let the air out of the dildo.

  1. A full feeling

You can also use an inflatable dildo to experience a fuller feeling in your vagina or anus. The pumping movements usually feel very pleasant in both a vagina and anus. Feel how the dildo is getting thicker and bigger and if desired, let some air out of the dildo. A well-filled feeling can make your orgasm faster and more intense and can increase the lust. Special target groups that make use of inflatable dildos are BDSM people. BDSM people find it pleasant and exciting to experiment with toys and there inflatable dildos are very suitable for. Of course you can also opt for a normal big dildo, check out our special XL dildo page!

  1. Anal training

A third possibility that an inflatable dildo is very suitable for is training your anal area. Many people find it difficult to find the right size butt plug or anal dildo to choose, especially when they are still a starter in this area. Then an inflatable artificial penis can offer an absolute solution. You start with the smallest dimensions (not inflated) and you let the artificial penis grow bigger by inflating it. This way you stretch your anus a little more. This is slow and you decide the pace yourself. If you experience discomfort, you can quickly and easily release air from the dildo by pressing the vent valve. The disadvantage of an inflatable dildo, however, is that it does not have a thinner head to simply insert the toy in an anal. Larger specimens will therefore be more suitable for experienced users.