What are Anal Beads and How to Use Them

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Analgesics and anal beads are synonyms for the same type of sex toy. In such a toy several balls are strung on a chain, so they basically form the “chain links “. Now it’s time to introduce the bullets or best anal beads, which are getting bigger and bigger, into the anal for an anal stimulation. This toy is mainly used as a preparation for anal intercourse. Likewise, the anal chain can also be worn during sex to experience additional stimulation.

Which is the best?

This anal toy is simple but very effective. The high-quality shape of the balls allows easy insertion and is therefore suitable for beginners. It should also be noted that the product consists of 100 percent silicone. In this way, the sex toy not only provides a nice supple surface, but also has a long shelf life. Furthermore, the name of the sex toy speaks that this is very flexible and thus can be introduced in any position.

How does the analgesic application work?

The use of the anal chains is very easy to implement. For using it is first of all useful to apply lubricating gel on the anal toy. Which type of lubricant is used in this case is left to the users. Then the beads on the anal chain should be slowly inserted into the anus. When inserting it makes sense to relax his pelvic muscles to simplify the application. Furthermore, each person must decide for himself whether the introduction in standing, lying or sitting is best possible.

Each user must pay attention to how far he or she can introduce the chain without it hurts. Furthermore, lubes can be used again and again to keep the anal toy or the anus wet. After the sex, the anal chain can then be easily removed. This is about holding the toy at the back end and then slowly pulling it out of the anus. This application can once again provide for a very special stimulation.

How can you best use the toy?

There are some tips for using or improving the application of anal toys. In addition to the already mentioned application, it should be mentioned as a hint that it provides a special stimulation when the chain is pulled out just before the orgasm. This procedure should strengthen the orgasm and provide a very special fun. Whether the analgesic is removed slowly or quickly, each user should find out for them. Please note:

  • Use of lubricant
  • Even pulling out
  • Relaxation from the anus

Which models are available?

It can be counted on a rather extensive selection of the whole anal chain. Here, the products differentiate in different aspects such as:

  • Appearance
  • Material selection
  • Length / Size
  • Features
  • Purchase price

These differences make it possible for every customer to choose the anal chain that suits him best. Likewise, the purchase decision is also complicated if you do not know exactly which toy fits one. Especially important in the selection is the length or size and the function. The length of the anal chain should be chosen so that it can be easily inserted into the anus. The same applies to the size of the Lust parley, which hang on the chain.

You can also do Anal play with Captain Hook, which hooks were often used as part of torture devices. Nowadays though, anal hooks are a little less painful, and can be used as part of a more pleasurable sexual experience.

It should also be noted that the shape of the “chain links” may differ. The shapes range from round beads over oval to triangular beads with rounded edges. Likewise, there may be models that have rounded knobs or grooves that additionally massage the inside of the intestine. In the function, however, properties such as built-in vibrators must be named. In this way, users experience not only stimulation through the introduction of the anal chain, but also through the vibration.

The vibrators usually offer several stages, so that it is easily possible to adapt the additional stimulation to his wishes. Another feature of some models is the training of the pelvic floor. In this case, the balls of anal toys are shaped so that they stimulate the muscles in the area of ??the pelvic floor and thus provide training while wearing. These exercises then make sure that the anal sex can be more intense.

What are the experiences of most men and women in the test?

To get an idea of ??a product, there is nothing better than reviews from private buyers as well as experts. Nowadays, there are always over the Internet, especially test reports, which provide a very good insight into the function and experience with products such as the analgesic. Above all, it is worth noting that the customers and experts are convinced of the application of these sex toys. As a result, many positive testimonials can be found on the net.

It is said again and again that there is such a large selection of these products, so that the purchase of these is made easy. Furthermore, the anal toys provide variety in the bedroom, provide high quality by the silicone used and also make it easy to use. All these positively assessed aspects make it quite useful for those interested to order such a toy for more fun in bed or to use the anal chain to prepare accordingly for anal intercourse.

Are anal beads suitable for men and women?

There is basically no difference between the anus of a woman and that of a man. Thus, it is not a problem to use the anal chain in a man or a woman. What is more important is that the length or size of the anal chain is tailored to the respective person. For all persons who have little or no experience with anal intercourse, it is advisable to buy a small anal chain. People, who have had anal sex more often, can also opt for toys that’s “chain links “are larger.

Conclusion – Does the experience of men and women speak for the purchase of an anal chain?

Every interested person must of course decide for himself if he enjoys anal sex and thus would like a chain for anal sex. If this is the case, then it can be assumed that the anal chain is more than a suitable sex toy. The men as well as women who have already tested the product, are quite enthusiastic. This is mainly due to the large selection so that everyone can find the chain that suits them the most. But the good quality of the anal chains as well as their easy purchase, are crucial. Refinery29 has list of toys to make your orgasm stronger.

In conclusion, it can be stated in any case that the purchase of such a sex toy is definitely worth it for all men or women who would like to have anal sex or want to prepare for it.