Wearing Butt Plugs in Public

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Should You Wear Butt Plugs in Public?

Today, butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys around. They can be part of your anal sex routine, or you can use them as a bit of foreplay action in general. For those unfamiliar with butt plug use, it’s basically an anal toy that you pop in and leave in place. It brings stimulation to you simply by the fact that’s inside. The thing is, thanks to its shape, it stretches your anus and your muscles. What’s more, it feels great when you take it out once it’s been inside for a while.

So, if the point is staying in one place for a long time, why not give public butt plugs a go? Obviously, you’d have to be into it, but if you’re new to this anal world, you’ll find it surprising how many people are already doing it! There’s something irresistible about wearing something in your butt while in public, especially if you’re around people who have no idea what you’re doing. Before we go into how you should do it, let’s check out the whys.

Why Would You Wear a Butt Plug in Public?

First of all, let’s discuss who should do it.

Butt plugs are one of the few toys that all genders and orientations can (and do) enjoy. While, generally, straight men don’t really like going back there, many enjoy having a bit of plugged-up fun! Most people derive pleasure from the feeling of fullness inside their anus. Additionally, it’s also great for getting your butt ready for anal. The toy stretches your muscles and makes them more relaxed. As always, there’s a kinky side to it as well, as you can buy a plug with a jewel or an animal tail attached to its base. That way, if you’re into a bit of roleplay, it’s a perfect toy to get you in character.

As we’ve already said, the point of a butt plug is to leave it in place for some time. You get the most out of it once you take it out, i.e., at the moment it leaves your ass. As such, it’s a toy that’s nicely adapted for public use. But why would you want to do it?

Most people who do wear butt plugs in public do it for the thrill of it. It’s a bit kinky, a bit taboo, and it makes you feel naughty. You’re doing something sexually while the rest of the people around you are completely unaware. What’s more, people who’re into BDSM can find this to be a great activity. The Dom can force their sub to wear a plug publicly, establishing control even when they’re not around.

Don’t Wear It for More Than Four Hours

Now it’s time to talk about the hows.

The truth is, it’s perfectly safe to wear a plug in public, so long as you don’t overdo it and make sure you don’t do any damage. You should never wear it for more than four hours in one sitting (is that a pun?). In fact, many sex toy experts recommend doing it only for two to three hours. If you leave it inside for too long, you can damage your muscles, which can lead to, say, ulcers. The worst part is, the inside of one’s rectum is an area of no pain receptors, so you could be doing damage without even knowing it.

Still, as everyone who’s been using a plug before will tell you, wearing one can hurt sometimes. When this happens to you, you should immediately take it out. It’s not smart to fight through the pain, as this is not a type of pain you should welcome. Actually, it’s a clear sign you’re doing something wrong, so remove the toy instantly. Have this in mind and make sure you have a place to remove the toy if needed.

Understand That Your Anus Does Not Self-Lubricate

Another thing you should be aware of is the fact that your ass is not a vagina. It might sound weird, but people tend to forget this when it comes to using lube. Unlike a vagina, your ass doesn’t self-lubricate, and lube is a crucial part of this equation. Without lube, there’s too much friction, which will cause pain and damage to your anus.

You need to make sure that you’re using lots of lube and applying it to your toy and your anus. After some time, say after you’ve been wearing a plug for a couple of hours, lube can dry out. That doesn’t have to result in you calling it a day, but you do need to reapply the lube as soon as possible.

The Best Butt Plug to Wear

As you probably know, there’s no such thing as a butt plug for women, as opposed to a butt plug for men. Our asses are the same, and we can use them equally. Also, although there are no “public butt plugs” per se, some manufacturers do make smaller butt plugs that are more apt for that. Why smaller? Well, when it comes to public use, comfort should be your number one priority. As you’re going to be keeping it inside of you for quite some time, you have to make sure that you’re able to do so.

You should never take a newly-bought toy on its first ride in public. Instead, use one that you (your body, that is) are already accustomed to. Before going outside, wear a plug around the house to see if you can run the distance. Once you’re comfortable enough, then you can take the next step.

Safety Precautions

As long as you don’t wear a plug for too long and use enough lube, you should be good to go. We recommend using silicone- and oil-based lube, as they’re thicker and last longer before you have to reapply.

Another good piece of advice is to have a bag (or something similar) ready for disposal. That way, if you’re at work and have to take the thing out for whatever reason, you have the means to do so. Furthermore, it’s smart to wear one with a flat base so you can sit cozily.

Essentially, you just have to make sure you don’t push your limits. Do it as long as it’s pleasurable, add lube when necessary, and take the toy out once it’s no longer comfortable. Have fun!