Turn Your Sexual Fantasy Into Reality

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Tips for Living Out Your Role-Play Sex Fantasy

Most of us have sexual fantasies we wish to fulfill in some way. And in most cases, it’s possible to do so — by using them in role-playing! That is the safest and healthiest way to experience something we only dare dream about. And at the same time, that way we’ll keep our sex life more exciting and satisfying.

The best sex games start in your mind. When you’re creating a role-play sex scenario, your imagination is where you should search for inspiration and ideas.

Here’s how to use your sexual fantasies to spice up things in the bedroom.

What Is a Sexual Fantasy?

Sexual fantasy is a set of pictures and thoughts you create in your mind, influenced by your experiences and preferences. You can look at it as a porn video you wrote and directed. So, it’s usually based on something that interests you the most at the given moment.

However, not every sexual fantasy is realistic — they can be impossible to do. And more importantly, the fact that you fantasize about it doesn’t mean you want to experience it in real life. For these reasons, some of your fantasies should remain in your imagination.

But in other cases, there’s nothing wrong with fulfilling fantasies that are possible to play out. As long as you do it safely, you should go for it. After all, sexual fantasies are a vital part of being a human being, and if we use them as a tool to raise the heath under the sheets, they are beneficial for our sex life.

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Benefits of Role Play Sex

If you want to satisfy your sexual fantasies, there’s one simple way to do it — role-play sex! Sexual games, in general, are important for keeping things in the bedroom interesting and fresh. And there are many benefits you’ll gain from creating role-play scenarios based on your sexual fantasies.

For instance, both you and your partner will have a lot of fun during foreplay. No matter what type of scene you’re playing out, you don’t need to be deadly serious. There’s always enough room for getting silly and laughing together!

Also, sharing such an intimate part of yourself with someone can bring you closer to each other. Opening up is crucial when you want to create an emotional bond with people you like. And not to mention that when you feel close to someone, your sexual experiences become more satisfying. So, fantasies play an essential role in your sex life — in many ways!

What Is Your Fantasy?

You don’t need to look for role-play ideas in porn videos or erotic novels — it’s even better when you use your imagination! And you can start by thinking about what comes across your mind when you’re having sex with your partner. Sexual fantasies often appear in our minds as we’re getting closer to reaching orgasm.

But most often, we imagine sexual situations with someone when we’re alone, or during masturbation. In these moments, we have more control over our sexual fantasies. That makes them excellent material for creating a role-play scenario! And you can also find inspiration in your sexual dreams. Essentially, your mind will give you plenty of ideas, but you need to know where to dig.

Communicating Your Fantasy

Before you start your role-play sex journey, you need to communicate it with your partner. Consent and safety are of crucial importance here. And for that reason, you should tell them about fantasies you’d like to play out, and learn how they feel about it.

You should also ask them about the things they like and want to try out. That way, you can both work on your role-play scenario and add various, exciting elements to it. The whole point of role-play sex is that both you and your partner have fun and unusual sexual experience. So, don’t be pushy and insist on doing it the way only you want. Instead, keep in mind the wishes and needs of your partner too.

Set Some Rules/Limits

When having role-play sex of any kind, it’s safer to set some rules and limits. Maybe it seems unnecessary before you start, but it can’t hurt to have them, just in case. And this is especially important if you’re doing some type of power play that involves pain, domination, bondage, and humiliation.

Besides, there’s always a risk one of you will start to feel uncomfortable. Setting rules and limits should help you avoid this scenario, but it’s also a good idea to have a safe word. And once you make sure you did everything to keep your play safe, you’ll be more relaxed and enjoy it even more!

Use Costumes and Accessories

Maybe you’re not much of an actor and feel unsure if you’ll manage to get into your role. Luckily, sex shops can offer you a solution — various costumes or accessories. Even certain sex toys, like butt plugs, can help you get into your role and make a sex scene feel more real. Not to mention certain outfits, like the french maid uniform, can be very stimulating and arousing.

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Besides, shopping for outfits, accessories, and toys together can be an amazing and fun experience. You’ll have plenty of fun, maybe even discover something interesting you never thought about before.

How to Get Started?

Once you have decided what you want to do and got things you need, you’re ready to start! And you can do so in many ways, depending on what you and your partner want. For example, you can write a script and read parts of it out loud. That can be your first try to get into your role. And that way, you get to see your partner’s reaction too.

If you feel absolutely sure about it, you can also make it all a surprise! All you have to do is to dress for role-playing and wait for your partner to get home. And in case you feel like it, you may even take a certain sex position and wait for them naked. That can be an amazing way to start your role-play sex journey!