Top Sex Toys for Women

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Gone are the days when women had to rely on their fingers (or God forbid partners) for sexual pleasure. Thanks to the magical boom of the sex toy industry, women now have access to all kinds of titillating pleasure toys that will help them reach that sometimes elusive orgasm.

Toys for internal and external stimulation have revolutionized the typical women masturbation techniques and the way we all view sex and relationships. Sex toys are no longer something that women secretly whip out when no one is looking. Answers for common question from sex experts are available online that anyone can view. 

There’s no reason to whimper sighs of pleasure in the darkness, scared that someone will hear you. Thanks to the sexual liberation movement, women are free to get their freak on with any sex toy they want. 

Still, some toys are better than others. For example, toys that simulate oral sex with direct clitoral stimulation are fan-favorites among women. But that’s just one example. Toys that wrench out intense orgasms out of women thanks to the hands-free, remote-controlled vibrating features top all charts of popular sexy aids. 

The Benefits of Sex Toys 

The ancient Greeks really were onto something when they popularized the use of sex toys. The humankind got a bit lost along the way, slipping into the dark ages of sexual shaming for a century or two (or like ten), but we’re back on track. We are fully aware of all the benefits that sex toys can bring us (we just have to embrace them fully).


Thanks to sex toys, women can get to know their bodies — likes and dislikes, turn-ons and hard limits. Furthermore, using sex toys is liberating, and it enhances orgasms. The perpetual myth that it’s oh-so-difficult to get a woman to orgasm is being shattered one bullet vibrator at a time.

Of course, there are health benefits to masturbating with a toy as well. Menopausal women who use sex toys for orgasms on a regular basis are less likely to have trouble sleeping, have menopausal sweating, vaginal pain, and low libido.


Even in partnered play, sex toys open new horizons and help women achieve sexual liberation. Sex toys can improve penetrative sex (just think vibrating cock rings) or be a gateway into anal play. There’s so much that women and their partners can do with them. 

Of course, not all sex toys provide physical pleasure to a woman. Wand-style prostate stimulators, for example, can bring women another type of gratification if they use them on their partners. 

But that’s beside the point. Traditionally, women have a harder time reaching orgasm than men. That’s probably why chastity cage works like magic, and are loved by women to decide when their men orgasm. Taming the wild beast that is the female orgasm is no easy task, and some tools are superior to others. So let’s see which toys pass the muster.

Realistic Dildos

There’s nothing better than the real thing, right? Well, that depends on who you’re asking, but realistic dildos come pretty close. For women who dare to grab the bull by the horns and go to town riding it, realistic dildos will bring a whole lot of pleasure. Toys that look realistic Phallus for vaginal sex is sometimes what women, or men, crave for. 

Realistic dildos are popular because they are comfortable. What’s more, they usually have a suction cup at the end and allow for precise maneuvering. That means a woman can ride them as deeply or as shallowly as she likes. However, their main selling point is definitely the fact that they have ridges and folds just like a real penis. Now, you can really share a dick with your friend, but make sure to put a condom on the phallus toy for safety and hygiene. 

Glass Butt Plugs

Women love glass plugs both for their esthetics and their functionality. Not only are they beautiful and elegant, but they are also easy to use and clean. 

With a glass butt plug, you can use any lubricant since the material is durable. What’s more, a glass butt plug can last a long time, and it will be a frightful companion that doesn’t show signs of wear and tear.

The smooth surface and the firmness of glass butt plugs guarantees a unique experience. To pump things up even more, women can also play with temperature. They can cool the glass down under cold water for a chilling sensation. Alternatively, they can warm it up (but not too much) and enjoy the deep warmth of the toy.

Anal Beads

Beads are the perfect way to start anal play with a bang. Due to their shape, they allow women to ease themselves (and the beads) into the world of anal penetration. And since the beads gradually get bigger and are usually flexible, women can enjoy the sensation of anal stimulation without fear of hurting themselves.

However, those a bit bolder can opt for bigger sets of beads or even ones made from metal and glass. The heavy materials fill the never-before-breached sphincter in just the right way, which makes them an ideal addition to masturbation.

Strap-On Dildos

A foolproof toy for a woman who don’t need no man, strap-on dildos give women the chance to take the reins into their own hands (or better said, hips). We’ve all wondered what it would be like to have sex as a member of the opposite sex. Well, with a strap-on dildo, any woman can find out. Strap-on dildos are also commonly used by women on their men while having sex using chastity cages.

As an added perk, there are also double-ended strap-ons that allow a woman both to penetrate and be penetrated. Double the pleasure, double the fun — what’s not to like?

Animal Tails

A must-have for any woman who’s into fantasy and petplay, animal tail plugs deepen the fantasy. Although they are nothing more than regular plugs with a tail attached to them, they offer a unique playing opportunity for all women who are bold enough to try them out.

Plus, they are as cute as a button. There are fantasy-inspired as well as realistic animal tails to choose from. While the focus is on the tail design, the plugs usually aren’t too shabby either.


Of course, the trusty vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys for women out there. By combining the sensations of deep penetration and the extraordinary feeling of vibrations, vibrators are a fan-favorite for a reason.

Thanks to the ever so incredible abundance of features, vibrators often find their way into women’s night tables. The versatility and the undeniable ability to keep women on their toes (and have them curling) cemented vibrators as the most popular sex toys a long time ago. 

A Few Parting Words

Sex toys offer a whole new world of possibilities for women. When it comes to pleasure, these six types of toys reign supreme (if you ask women, and we did; we asked them). Still, no matter which products you end up choosing, always remember to embrace all their possibilities and use them safely (with lots of lube and happy thoughts).