Top 4 Expert Choices for Butt Plugs

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Did you know that in the anal passage there is a whole cluster of pleasant nerve endings? As in women, so in men. Yes, no matter how you are now spitting, but many men like prostate stimulation. But many people think that anal sex is dirty, unpleasant, and “how can you adore me?”

But, despite the contradictions, the erogenous zones in the anal part very clearly explain the love of many people for various anal penetrations and various anal games. Therefore, if this erotic region is in the zone of your pleasure or extremely interesting, but we still do not reach it, then this article will definitely be of interest to you. Today, we will talk about the most common and affordable types of anal toys. Since anal plugs are not only of different shapes, but also of various purposes, applications and pleasures. It is worth at least a little to understand them, so that a lot does not spend huge money in search of the very only traffic jam, of course.

If you are just starting to learn anal sex, then you definitely need to buy an anal plug. No, of course, you can immediately start with a direct entry using a member, but I very much doubt that your partner will like it. Although, people are different. So, back to the topic. For those who are thinking about buying anal toys, We want to give some tips that can help you choose the right toy for you and get rid of unnecessary questions. For the butt plugs and constipation this is important. You can learn at how to use and learn to love it.

Make sure the toy is safe for anal games

Unfortunately, a very large number of people prefer to shove anything into the anus, but not that which is intended for anal sex. Surprisingly, many manufacturers of toys for adults produce corks, which are absolutely not designed for the anus. What are they for? For beauty, or for a collection on the shelf, for decoration in sex shops. Before headlong running and blushing furiously to buy the first toy that came into your hands, carefully consider it. A suitable one should have a wide base, wider than the toy itself, thus providing a full-fledged stopping point. Thus, the cork will not be sucked inside the anal during your games and you will not have to call an ambulance to extract evidence of your sins. The base of the cone should remain outside the body for easy and convenient removal. So, if you are holding a toy that has a narrow base, then you should look for another sample.

Looking ahead, I want to say that it is worth taking toys that are directly intended for anal penetration. Some bona fide manufacturers write on the packaging, for which the toy is suitable. Since, there are toys directly contraindicated for the anus because of too curved shape, different antennae, ribs and other things. Therefore, before you experiment, think about the consequences. And the best use of traditional traffic jams.

Choose the right size. Remember the most important rule, if you are just starting to live an anal life, then you should not aim a huge dildo. I have no doubt that you can shove it, but still you should not hurry. You can always get a big stopper, BUT you should start with a small size. So that the sphincter would stick to objects that penetrate it. However, even using small traffic jams, you can pay attention to the dis-comfort and the feeling of being too large. Usually, before buying a toy, it is advised to design the anus with your fingers, but since there are very fastidious people, you can take the smallest cork, it is as big as one finger. As a rule, beginners can easily use toys from 0.75 to 1.25 cm in diameter.

How and where exactly do you want to wear the butt plug?

The huge difference is where you want to enjoy the butt plug. Some toys that do not have a curvature, can easily slip while walking.

Years will rush rapidly, hundreds of joyous and not so good moments will fly by, but one thing in my memory will remain forever – the first anal plug . Now on the market of sex toys such a choice of anal devices that it is not a sin to get lost among this variety.

If you decide on a new sexual experiment and want to choose an intimate toy for yourself, then this material is for you. And may the pleasure be with you!

King size

Choosing a butt plug, do not chase a large size. This is not happiness, especially if you are new. In your case, the smaller the cork, the better. The anus is a delicate matter, or rather a narrow one. It needs to be developed gradually. In this case, gradual – the key to a pleasant and comfortable sex. And you are not Sasha Gray, although who knows you.

Be fit

Start with a simple – anal plug with a teardrop shape with a narrowed tip and a wide base. No twists, balls at the end and toys in the shape of your ex. Classic is immortal, especially if you are not an experienced user of anal stuff.

Easy glide

Of course, you should take care of the availability of lubricant. It will help minimize any discomfort and will facilitate easy glide. It will be all plain sailing. Speaking of oil. It is not necessary to engage in arbitrariness and lubricate the anal plug than horrible. No sunflower oil or unclear lubricants from the “all for 8 dollars” shop Buy a lubricant in a pharmacy or sex shop, it will suffice for a long time. Or not, if you are “enter” anal entertainment.

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Material per million

As my grandmother used to say: “The cheap fish is a bear”. I don’t think she meant cheap butt plugs, but you never know, this phrase is very suitable when it comes to sex toy material.

Experiments with hard and dense corks are better to be put off until later. For beginners, suitable toys made of soft medical silicone, elastic elastomer. The holy rule: materials must be completely hypoallergenic. But nevertheless it is worth being reinsured and in addition to use a condom. This will protect you from various kinds of infections much better than the icon above the bed!

You can also experiment with small butt plugs made from stainless medical steel. These toys look cute and fit in any handbag. And what – threw the cork in the clutch and went on a date, work, pay for a communal.