Role-Playing Your Sexual Inhibitions Away

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Although sex is not as taboo as it was decades ago, there’s still some social stigma surrounding intercourse and nudity. No matter if we’re talking about cultural or individual problems, some people find it hard to pursue their desires and fantasies. It’s an unfortunate state, causing various problems on different levels. But what if we say there’s a way around it?

Sexual inhibition is a common problem for people all over the globe. But, depending on culture, you’ll realize that what society deems unacceptable varies greatly from place to place. In some parts of the world, people will have no problems performing oral sex. Somewhere else, they’ll see it as unclean and inappropriate. Moreover, the community will shame someone for doing it.

Luckily, western society is rather liberal when it comes to personal presences and interests. From the LGBTQ community to BDSM practitioners, they’re all free to pursue their idea of happiness. But inhibition doesn’t come solely from what your culture sees as appropriate or not. It’s also problematic on a personal level.

Seeing how we’re surrounded by billboards and ads full of conventionally beautiful and idealistic bodies, it’s easy to feel like you’re not worthy. And as such, people of all backgrounds have certain insecurities with how they look naked. This idea of what’s good-looking causes both guys and girls to restrain themselves from having full freedom while being intimate with others.

But to cut a long story short, we’ll take you on a ride through the world of fantasies and foreplay. Spicing up your sex life, you’ll quickly break the shackles of taboos and controversies. Therefore, sit tight, and allow us to introduce you to role-playing.

Release Your Inhibitions

In essence, sexual inhibition is a form of restraint from certain sexual activities, topics, and content. It works both on a conscious and subconscious level. Various factors, including societal stigmas and personal beliefs, contribute to it. So, you could say it’s a form of prejudice towards having an open sex life.

Let’s see how sexual inhibitions affect sexual performance overall. In short, they tend to forbid people from pursuing and enriching their private lives. Moreover, they affect your relationship with partners, as well as with yourself. In some cases, they can cause decreased libido and sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Sometimes, they meddle with your interest in sex in general. And by doing so, they can lead to an unhealthy life with medical conditions, both mental and physical. Sexual inhibitions can go so far and mess with your physiological needs, like ejaculation. All in all, they are at the root of many problems lots of people face during their lifetime.

The key to overcoming it is to release yourself from feeling shame and fear. And to do so, people usually pay hard-earned money to therapists and other health care workers. But what if we say there’s a shortcut? What if you try sexual role-play and embrace fantasy scenarios that could make you become a different person even if for a short period?

A Role-Play a Day

We’re sure you’re asking yourself — “How does role-playing help you overcome sexual inhibition?” Well, bear with us on this. We’ll first have to explain what role-playing is before we talk about how it can help you with your problems. Therefore, let’s now quickly tap into this rich fetish.

Just like the name says, role-playing is a form of foreplay that allows partners to pretend they’re someone else. For example, you can be a wealthy businessman on a trip, in a hotel room, while your partner can be a young, lustful French maid looking for some action. And if you add to that genuine clothing and an authentic atmosphere, you’ll yourself quickly believe it to be true.

Even if French maids are pretty much porn tropes nowadays, it’s still a pretty good example of role-playing. You can, of course, choose whatever scenario and character to play, as long as it takes you away from reality. Our point is — your sexual relationship can be the same as any other if you’re willing to believe it.

In a way, role-playing is a time machine, a teleport, a portal to a whole new life. It takes you away from routine and social stigma. Playing a scenario, the two of you would start performing things you didn’t even dream of.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

Sure, it’s easy to sit here and tell you to act like someone else. It all seems like a cheap trick to make you believe some nonsense and embarrass yourself. But what if we say that that’s your inhibition and insecurity talking? It’s better to try and fail miserably than to sit down, hands crossed, and hope for some sort of miracle to fix you.

The whole point of role-playing is to take you away from your embarrassed self. There’s no shame in the privacy of your home and in front of your loving partner. If there is, then you’ve got something wrong along the way. Partners are there to understand you and your troubles; hence, playing along to save your relationship should be paramount.

No sexual fantasy is embarrassing. What’s embarrassing is not giving something a try and staying locked up alone with your fears and insecurities. So, be proactive about your sexual inhibition. Try and solve your problem by buying into this new world.

Other Ways to Overcome Sexual Inhibitions

Now that you know how role-playing helps to overcome sexual inhibitions, we should mention other solutions. There’s, of course, sex therapy, one of the prime examples of treating mental health-related issues. But in case you’re not willing to pay, or you just can’t afford it, you can start by accepting who you are first.

In many ways, gender stereotypes and body insecurities trigger sexual inhibition. And if you’re willing to try and beat it, you’re going to have to break through concepts you believe in right now. Luckily, the days of body-shaming are dying. There are so many positive groups and communities that support people of all looks. You can always participate and rejuvenate your self-esteem among them.

Also, talk with your partner. Communication is the root of every solution, no matter if we’re talking about a nuclear crisis or sexual inhibition. Share your thoughts and feelings with your friends, family, and partner. They’re here to support you, accept your personality, and embrace your ideas.

Never be ashamed of who you are. And in case you don’t like something, say it out loud. Make your voice count because it’s the only way to move forward and surpass prejudices and stereotypes society brought upon us. No matter who you are — be proud.