Bachelorette Party: How to Hire Strippers

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How to Hire a Male Stripper for Your Bachelorette Party

So your bestie’s getting married, and it’s up to you (as a maid of honor) to plan a bachelorette party. You’ve figured out all the details of ordering food and alcohol, and you’ve settled on the decoration with some funny-looking balloons and cakes. Now, since this is a ladies-only night, we come to the main question that all bachelorette party organizers ask themselves — do you book a male stripper?

You should do it, shouldn’t you? After all, boys are sure to bring a stripper to their stag night, so why would girls have less fun?

Probably, your friend’s chosen one will soon start working on his beer belly (See the truth about beer belly)as most husbands do. This party is perhaps the only chance for the bride to see a six-pack before taking her son to see the latest Wolverine movie. And let’s be honest, it’s going to be a better party when there’s some excitement involved, especially if that excitement comes in the form of a strange bulky man.

Throwing a Bachelorette Party

So, when you’re entrusted with the duty of throwing a bachelorette party, it’s up to you to make the calls. Do you want to hire a private bachelorette party dancer or not? There are several things you should factor in before calling up a male entertainment agency. For instance, since you’re in charge of bachelorette celebrations, you surely have an idea of whether the future bride will want a naked male dancer there. You might find it great fun, but remember, the party’s not for you.

Additionally, you should check who’s invited. If it’s just your friend group, then you already know the answer if it’s fine to have a stripper around. However, it might get awkward if, for instance, the groom’s sister is there, or if they’ve invited older ladies from the family. Imagine how weird it would be if a stripper comes in and does his business, while the groom’s mom is clearly not enjoying herself. Or even worse, if she gets overly excited about it!

Strip Club or Private Male Stripper

There are two most common ways to go about it — you either hire a private male stripper or go to a strip club. Now, both options have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at a strip club first.

The main advantage of a strip club is that it’s a safe option. Especially if you make the whole event out of it, so you don’t even have to think about where you’re going to throw the party and take care of the booze.

However, the drinks will be more expensive this way, and you’ll probably have to rent out a limousine. Nobody wants to be the boring sober one that drives back and forth. As for the show itself, there’ll be a lot of men around to gaze at. So, even if one of them is not to your liking, you don’t have to be stuck with him. However, chances are you won’t be the only people there, so your bride won’t be in the spotlight.

Now, when it comes to hiring a private entertainment buddy, it’s pretty much the opposite story on all levels. It’s more of a hassle, as you have to find the right agency, book a show, be in contact with the dancer, and so on. But, as it’s going to be a private show, you’ll get all the attention you want. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about DUI and expensive cocktails.

Other popular options can be renting a dirty movie (which is a bit of a high-risk-low-reward situation), or going to male revues if you’re into Magic Mike XXL.

Suggest What You Want in the Show

Before calling up an agency, it’s wise to visit their website beforehand for a bit of window shopping. Just because a dude is ripped doesn’t necessarily mean you want to watch him strip. Take a look around and see what’s on offer.

More importantly, once you do make the call, you can ask about some specifics. Most strippers already have a prepared music setlist, an outfit, and a course of action. However, there’s nothing wrong with chipping in with your own ideas. After all, this party is for you and your enjoyment.

The duration of his dancing is usually discussed in the number of songs he’ll dance through. So, you can talk about which songs the future bride likes and how many songs he should stick around for. Usually, a 30– to 60-minute stripping show costs about $150–$250, which is rather cheap if there are a lot of girls to pitch in.

Male Strippers Can Do Roleplay

With bachelorette parties and stripping, it’s not just about seeing some man flesh. Sure, that’s the main course, but it should also be a fun experience, not just a sexy one. Most male strippers have a selection of costumes you can choose from if you’re into some roleplay. You probably won’t be able to get too creative.

Standard costumes include things like a pizza delivery guy, construction worker, police officer, fireman, and others. You know, regular porn scenarios. Now, if you want him to wear something kinkier or something more specific to make your friend laugh, you may ask about it. Usually, strippers will agree to wear a different costume, but you’ll have to provide it.

See these Kinky ideas from Bad Girls Bible.

Things Can Go Sexual So Be Prepared

This is where things might getf a little wild. Say you’ve settled on having a private party in your house, but you can’t find a stripper agency nearby. Or all of them are booked, whatever. What do you do? It’s not goodnight Vienna just yet!

What you can actually do is hire a male hooker or escort that’s somewhere in your vicinity. Sure, you can get them to do quite a lot of stuff, but they can do just stripping. If you do go for this option, you should talk to the escort (turned performer now) about it.

It’s crucial that everyone present is on board with the idea, and you have to be pretty confident the bride-to-be will be up for it. Don’t do it if the groom has sent his spying sisters!

If it does go that way, make sure you ask the escort if he has some medical certificate (you know what we’re talking about). And don’t forget, always use protection. Have fun!