Do Anal Toys Affect a Relationship?

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Everyone likes to think their sex life is spectacular. If you ask anyone, they’ll surely wax poetic about how they are a bonafide fire hazard what with all the fireworks they dish out in bed. 

While that’s not necessarily untrue, as any sex can be great sex as long as both parties are into it, there’s always room for improvement. And there’s an entire 28-billion-dollar industry out there to prove it. 

As most people who stopped using their sex toys alone and introduced them to their partners can testify, sex toys are game-changers. Couple’s sex toys enhance the entire sexual experience, bring the partners closer together, make them communicate and vocalize their desires out loud, and generally, make them enjoy each other more.

Anal toys for couples, the prodigies of sex toys, revolutionized the way couples have sex. Or, at least they can — if we let them.

Couples Are Open to Talk About Sexual Desires

Breaching the Forbidden Temple is never an “easy peasy” situation. Life isn’t a smutty fanfic; you don’t just spontaneously whip out an anal toy and go to town on your partner while they scream your name in blissful pleasure. Well, at least you shouldn’t.

Sexual activities of any kind require open communication. That’s especially true for anal intercourse of any kind. Hell, even good old fashioned vaginal sex should be discussed beforehand.

If we want to introduce anal sex toys into our sexual relationship, we have to vocalize our desire to our partner. It doesn’t really matter if we’re the receptive party or the insertive partner — we still have to see if our other half would like to participate in our fantasies. But to do that, we have to explain to them how a specific toy (or toys) changed our view or opened new horizons and how we want to do the same for them. Alternatively, we want to soar new heights with our partner for the first time. Either way, we have to say it out loud.

In other words, we really have to pitch them the idea of anal sex toys. So by introducing anal sex toys into our relationship, we deepen our connection with our partner by making ourselves a bit more vulnerable and showing them a part of ourselves they haven’t seen before.


How Does It Promote Better Sex With Your Partner?

Because there’s still some stigma surrounding sex toys, people are reluctant to broach this topic with their partners. Psychology Today explains how sex toys impact relationship. Sure, they have their trusty Rabbits or anal beads, but they’ll never share them with their partner. It’s insulting, no? Their partners have perfectly fine genitalia — that should be enough, right?

Well, sure, it CAN be enough, but why should it? Sex toys enhance sex — they aren’t a substitute for an ineffectual appendage (as many closed-minded people see them), but they are a helping hand that will spice things up. What’s more, they take the pressure off both partners. Sex toys allow us to stimulate our partner from multiple ends simultaneously or tap out when we need a breather. Why miss out on that opportunity?


The Sky (And Your Stamina) Is the Limit

Just imagine how good sex would feel with a vibrating cock ring! Now imagine that it’s remote-controlled! Now imagine that while having sex with your partner’s cock vibrating at your entry, you also have a vibrating butt plug inside of you. 

OK, that’s a lot of imagining (not to mention a lot of sex toys). But that’s kind of the point. The options are virtually endless.

Of course, we’re not saying that every sexual encounter needs to be an extravaganza of sex toys, where every hole has something shiny and vibrating stuck in it. Of course not (although it does sound like something worth trying on a stormy Sunday afternoon). 

But one or two sex toys can boost pleasure, shake things up, and revitalize our sex lives. Promoting this sex-positive attitude and utilizing everything Mother Nature gave us is a surefire way to pure sexual bliss. In other words, why limit yourself (and your partner) to standard oral sex–penetrative sex–roll over–go to sleep when you can explore new possibilities together?

Who says only one partner is to be penetrated? And who says only vaginal sex can bring women pleasure? What’s more, who says anal sex toys are just for gay couples? Misguided people, that’s who.

Out With a Bang — Better Orgasms

So broaden your horizons and embrace anal sex toys. It will be worth it — believe us — because the orgasms you’ll get will be mind-blowing. Even on their own, anal sex toys can bring a lot of pleasure. But they can also make sex more intense.

There are a lot of nerve endings in the anus. Usually, they are just sitting there, sad, lonely, and unstimulated. Honestly, it’s a wasted opportunity for a brain-mushing orgasm. 

Pairing up an anal sex toy with oral sex means stimulating the entire nether region. With so much stimulation going on, you’ll finally be able to experience that “legs-wobbling, tears-spilling, spine-tingling” orgasm. 

Couples Choosing Sex Toys as an Activity

Sure, anal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Most people imagine something huge penetrating them through the back door and would rather run away screaming than try it out. Massive toys like anal vibrators are beasts to be reckoned with — there’s no doubt about it. But no one said you have to go for the biggest toy in the bunch. 

In fact, you shouldn’t get any anal sex toy without consulting your partner first. As we already mentioned, open communication is a massive deal when it comes to introducing anal sex toys into your sex life. That’s why all couples should pick a toy together. Discuss your needs, expectations, and capabilities with your sexual partner and decide which toy is the best for both of you. 

Choosing an anal sex toy can be a fun couple activity. It builds up the anticipation and deepens the intimacy of the act before it even begins. Lately, we found loveplugs products being recommended by our readers, and we cannot blame them. We have tried a couple of their products, and they are amazing! You can browse through their collection together, and make it a fun activity!

A Few Parting Words

Exploring the wonderful world of anal sex with toys along with your partner will always be a fantastic experience. It’s a trial-and-error situation, and it might even get messy sometimes, but it will prove beneficial in the end. A deeper connection, better communication, and stronger orgasms — what more can you ask for?