How do Anal Vibrators Affect Your Sex Life?

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Vibrators generally do not pose any danger. They are even recommended by almost any sexologist or therapist in cases of anorgasmia. And yet, if you do not use them carefully, there may be some accidents. Psychology Today explains how sex toys impact relationship.


Batteries with vibrators have a minimal risk of electric shock, and those that plug in the socket are at the same risk as a hair dryer, for example. They must, however, be kept away from moisture if the water resistance is not specified on the box. So make sure the batteries are properly placed, the wires are attached and insulated, and the machine is not defective.


You can take a bacterial vaginal infection using the vibrato or other erotic toys if they have not been thoroughly cleaned. Or if the vibrator spreads bacteria from the anal to the vaginal area i.e. you use it in or near the anus and then in or near the vagina without first washing it. Erotic toys must always be cleaned with antibacterial soap and warm water before use or with a special disinfectant soap for them.


Never force his insertion into the vagina or anus, nor add it completely to any of these holes. In addition, keep in mind that excesses have the same track. The skin of the genitals is very sensitive and then, persistent and prolonged friction or stimulation can cause irritation. So maneuver it carefully so you do not hurt yourself.


Some vibrators can be harder to use or held in hand. If you have tendinitis on your wrists or hands, using the vibrator can aggravate your illness. It is advisable to look at shops for a more ergonomic pattern.


If you get stuck in the vagina or anus, unplug it from the power supply. Remove the batteries if they are outdoors. Breathe deeply and try to relax your vagina and abdominal muscles. Apply as much lubricant as possible, but without pushing the vibrator even deeper. If you can, spread your vagina with your fingers. If you fail, do not insist too much, especially if you have pain. Leave your pride aside and go to the emergency. Yes, it is embarrassing, but it happened to others and it’s not the strangest thing. Doctors will dilate your vagina or rectum and then extract the vibrator manually. In extreme cases, surgery will be used.

Dildo vaginal vs dildo anal

Most dildos can be used for vaginal penetration, but only some are safe for anal penetration. The anal should have a larger base to prevent the dildo from sliding into the rectum. You do not have to use the same dildo in the vagina and the anus unless you use condoms that you exchange between them or you clean the dildo very well.

How to use a dildo

Even if you plan to use it with a partner, it’s good to try it yourself for the first time. Make sure you’re relaxed. It is important to be excited enough, otherwise penetration can be difficult and less pleasant.

Do not rush. Start gently, first out of the vagina, and then slowly insert it. Experiment with depth and angles to discover what you like best. Once you feel comfortable using the dildo, you can experience different rhythms and speeds. Notice the difference between a slow and constant movement and a rapid and irregular movement to figure out what works for you.

 If you want to have an unforgettable anal sex, you have to take a few tips. To have an anal sex safely, the anus should be initially penetrated with a finger and sufficiently stimulated and relaxed.

Keep in mind that the anus needs to penetrate slowly, gently, paying attention to how the contact feels. Do not forget to use the proper lubricant to keep the wet anus all the time.

So try to massage it lightly with your fingertip or tap it with a narrow vibrator. The anus must be penetrated only after being relaxed enough. To have anal sex, the penetrating partner should always ask for your consent before.

If you are the one who receives anal pleasure, you should determine the speed and depth of penetration. If the pain occurs, the rectal muscles contract and make it impossible to continue penetrating. Stop as soon as you feel pain!

To have an anal sex safely, the anus should not penetrate anything that has sharp edges. If you want to use a sex toy, use one specially designed for anal penetration, such as butt pockets. Such sex toys have a wider end that prevents them from sliding inside the anus. Do not use anything that could slip inside the anus!

 The vacuum effect can pull that object inside the anus so strong that you need medical help to get it out. Ask for medical help and if anal sex is followed by pain or constant bleeding.

Do you remember when you last tried something new in the bedroom? Monotony in bedding, such as practicing the same positions in the same order day by day, may harm the relationship. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as it’s exciting – the sex toys.

Designed to help you explore new horizons in the bedroom, this sex toy will surely drive you away from every monotony of life in the couple. So, here are the most popular sex toys for adults.


Contrary to popular opinion, vibrators are not just substitutes for those who cannot find a partner. These sex toys are extremely versatile in terms of use and the areas they can stimulate, a properly used vibrator can turn a trivial night into an unforgettable experience.

A simple search on the Internet will show you that there are many types of vibrators; from the simplest, powered by a simple rechargeable battery to the “hi-tech” that can be operated either by remote control or wireless via a smart phone application.

Choosing a vibrator is much more difficult than it seems because there are many factors to consider. Obviously, the type of feeder or color will count less than size or shape.

Sexologists’ advice is to choose a comfortable vibrator, that is, to have the same size as your partner’s penis. The price is also a factor to consider as a hi-tech vibrator can cost up to 1,000 dollars or more. After looking for highest quality sex shop online, we found loveplugs finally!

What is important is not what the vibrator can do, but what you do with him behind closed doors, so document yourself before buying it. You can even watch together some adult movies that use this type of sex toys to get an idea of ??what you want to try.